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Getting Started Manual

The manual provides an overview of the essential information that the novice occupational health professional needs to know to provide occupational health services to healthcare personnel, to assure a safe and healthy work site, and to assist in risk management and other services for the employer. Since the inception of this manual in 1990, it has been written, reviewed and updated biennially by members of AOHP. The manual also serves as a valuable reference for experienced occupational health professionals who are working to advance their profession. Chapter 12, which contains more than 200 references and URLs, provides extensive resources for the occupational health professional as well as content for those preparing for occupational health nursing certification.

A few areas of occupational health practice that require expertise supported by Getting Started include:

•           New regulatory mandates and compliance requirements.
•           Health hazards associated with new technologies.
•           Emphasis on a safe and healthy worksite.
•           Injury prevention and case management to reduce workers’ compensation costs.
•           Risk management and loss control.
•           Emergency preparedness including natural disasters, terrorist events and pandemic influenza.

Featured updates for the 14th edition of Getting Started include: AOHP's updated position statement on Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Personnel; recordkeeping requirements regarding Electronic Medical Records (EMR;) samples of a Fitness for Duty Policy, Medical History Questionnaire, Transitional Duty Policy, and Hazardous Drug Policy; exposure protocols for Varicella, Pertussis, Influenza and bloodborne pathogens; and expanded hazard communication standard information.

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