Summary Abstracts
Fall 2014 Journal

Organization Leadership
Organization Leadership is a standing Journal column highlighting current hot topics. In this issue, Executive President Dee Tyler, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN, provides a reprint of her address from the 2014 AOHP National Conference, which documents the organization's increased engagement of members, collaboration with other professional associations and growth in research capacity. She also discusses AOHP's strides in impacting occupational health in healthcare during the past year. (A detailed list of accomplishments is also featured in this issue.)

Vice President's Update
AOHP's Vice President, Dana Jennings Tucker, BSN, RN, CCM, provides a report on the progress of the Strategic Initiative Committee, which was established by the Board of Directors to accomplish the five goals set forth in the AOHP 2013-2015 Strategic Plan. She also notifies members of the search for a new Government Affairs Committee Chair and how interested members can apply.

Editor’s Column
This standard feature provides commentary from the current Journal Editor, Kim Stanchfield, RN, COHN-S. In this issue, she reflects on the value of attendance at AOHP's National Conference and encourages readers as they prepare for a busy fall season. She asks members to begin planning now to attend the 2015 National Conference, scheduled for September 9-12 in San Francisco, CA, and provides tips for how to financially reach that goal.

Association Community Liaison Report
Through this regular Journal article, MaryAnn Gruden, MSN, CRNP, NP-C, COHN-S/CM, details how AOHP is gaining visibility as an expert regarding occupational health issues. In this edition, she reviews: OSHA's revised reporting requirements for severe injuries; recently released recommended practices from OSHA and NIOSH to better protect temporary workers; OSHA's new educational brochure on safe patient handling for nursing homes; citations issued by OSHA for inadequate workplace violence safeguards; and N95 Day.

Japanese Translation of AOHP's Getting Started Manual Released
In this Special Report, AOHP President Emeritus Sandra Domeracki, MSN, FNP, RN, COHN-S, announces the release of the Getting Started Manual in Japan. She explains the four-year journey undertaken by leaders from AOHP and the Infection Control Support Association of Japan to have Getting Started translated into Japanese and then presented to more than 600 healthcare workers in Japan at the quarterly meeting of the Association of Central Services and Infection Control Prevention. Through this initiative, AOHP is now gaining international recognition as the authority on occupational health, safety and well-being in healthcare.

High-Reliability Employee Safety Program Development
Explore the reasons behind why high-reliability must be intrinsic in employee safety programs through this analysis by author Cory Worden, MS, CSHM, CSP, CHSP, REM, CESCO. This article examines how to ensure the safest possible work practices and working conditions by performing a detailed hazard analysis and risk assessment, implementing hazard controls, establishing information programs, tracking leading indicators,  addressing lagging indicators and performing accident investigations.

Advances in Technology
This regular Journal column provides readers with helpful information about current technological advances that have the potential to improve the work of occupational health professionals. Column editor Cindy Brumley, RN, presents the conclusion to her three-article series focusing on data storage, highlighting virtual data storage possibilities within The Cloud.

AOHP Revises Standards of Practice for Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare
To meet a key objective of AOHP's strategic initiative for the organization to be recognized as an established authority in the industry, a work group of active members recently revised AOHP's Standards of Practice for Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare. This article includes the final revised standards, which focus on professional development, evidence-based practice, collaboration and research. These six standards should be used as a resource to guide occupational health professionals as daily functions and practices are considered.

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