Summary Abstracts
Winter 2018 Journal

Staying Current on Government Affairs
In his Journal column, Stephen Burt, MFA, BS, AOHP Government Affairs Committee Chair, provides analysis of  recent government affairs activities. For this issue, he examines OSHA initiatives on the regulatory agenda for 2018 which may impact occupational health. These include infectious diseases; tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses; quantitative fit testing protocol; blood lead levels for medical removal; and access to employee medical records. Also highlighted is the EPA initiative regarding management standards for hazardous waste pharmaceuticals.  

Editor’s Column
This standard feature provides commentary from the current Journal Editor, Kim Stanchfield, RN, COHN-S. In this issue, she discusses the importance of ensuring that staff are fit for duty through effective return-to-work evaluations. Five guiding principles are presented to encourage positive outcomes. 

Association Community Liaison Report
This regular Journal article details how AOHP is gaining visibility as an expert regarding occupational health issues. In this edition, author Bobbi Jo Hurst, BSN, RN, MBA, COHN-S, SGE, details TB testing recommendations, ACIP recommendations to prevent the spread of Hepatitis B and Mumps, and ways to prevent the spread of flu and other infections. NIOSH updates include the effort to provide clinical decision support in primary care settings, launch of the Center for Occupational Robotics Research, and ongoing Total Worker Health initiatives. 

Perspectives in Healthcare Safety
Cory Worden, MS, CSHM, CSP, CHSP, ARM, REM, CESCO, shares his insights on safety in healthcare in this standing column. This issue's feature - Unraveling the Tangled Web of an Unsafe Culture - reviews a variety of management styles and how different types of leaders can either positively or negatively impact the culture of safety in an organization.