Ref ID: 2023POD001
: Needlestick and Sharps Injury Prevention: An Expert Panel Discussion
Presenters/Panelists: Dr. Amber Mitchell and Dr. Nancy Yuill
Released on Feb 10, 2023


Podcast Abstract:  In this one-hour podcast panel, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Yuill, and host Cory Worden discuss effective prevention of needlestick and sharps injuries along with blood and body fluid exposures. To do this, they methodically analyze causes of needle and sharps injuries and then systematically discuss the Hierarchy of Controls for prevention including hazard elimination, hazard substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, Personal Protective Equipment, and training. In doing this, safe working conditions and safe work practices are covered along with applicable human factors.


  1. Identify at least three causes of needlestick and sharps injuries.
  2. Identify at least one potential engineering control to prevent needlestick and sharps injuries.
  3. Identify at least one administrative control to prevent needlestick and sharps injuries.

Dr. Amber Mitchell, DrPH, MPH, CPH is the President and Executive Director of the International Safety Center, the non-profit organization that manages and distributes EPINet. EPINet is a free surveillance system healthcare facilities can use to track sharps injuries and mucocutaneous exposures. Dr. Mitchell has a long and accomplished career in occupational health, safety, industrial  hygiene, public health, and related fields; she has worked for many organizations and agencies including OSHA, the NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the University of Texas School of Public Health, as well as medical device companies. 

Dr. Nancy Yuill, Ph.D., MSN, RN has served in multiple nursing leadership and educational leadership roles throughout her long and accomplished career. She has recently served as a President of the Chamberlain University—Pearland Campus, the Dean of the Nursing School at Houston Baptist University, a Director of Nursing Excellence at MHSW which included nursing quality improvement and professional development.  

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