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September 2-5, 2020
Austin Marriott Downtown, Austin, TX
We appreciate your interest and welcome your submission. AOHP reserves the right to review and accept only those proposals deemed suitable for the program. The conference committee will review all valid submissions. The choice of a session will be based on the presentation of the session, its value to professionals, the location of the speaker to promote local experts, and comprehensiveness of the required information submitted. Speakers will be contacted individually about their submission, accepted or not.
Maximum of four speakers for workshops and two speakers for sessions.
Session handouts will be made available to attendees for download in PDF format. AOHP reserves the right to request or make last minute changes to any program. Speakers who do not comply with given deadlines may be removed from the program.

Disclaimer: AOHP 2020 National Conference sessions and workshops must be educational in nature. The conference objective is to provide participants with practical knowledge and tools that can be easily implemented in their own organizations. We believe that an objective presentation, one that meets the educational expectations of the audience, will enhance the credibility of the speaker, the speaker's employer and the event. No product or service promotion will be permitted. All presentations must avoid commercialism, promotion and advertising. Presentations that are a simple description of company products will NOT be allowed. Statements in the presentation are the sole responsibility of the author. No presenter statements should be viewed as, or considered representative of, any formal stance or position taken on any product, subject or issue by AOHP.
Session speakers are asked to participate on a "gratis" basis. Speakers receive FREE registration for the day of their presentation and one complimentary night hotel stay. To discuss alternative speaker compensation, please contact AOHP Headquarters at

We appreciate your time and look forward to working with you for the 2020 Conference.
Cory Worden, Ph.D. Candidate, M.S., CSP, CSHM, CHSP, REM, CESCO
AOHP 2020 National Conference Chair
Deadline to submit: January 31, 2020 Successful applicants will be notified by April 27, 2020.
AOHP Headquarters: 125 Warrendale Bayne Road, Suite 375, Warrendale, PA 15086 Email:
You can also download speaker submission here.
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