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President's Letter


April 2017

To Our AOHP Members”:

Spring is almost here! Probably in some areas, you have been experiencing spring-like weather for quite some time. With the new season, we look forward to green grass, flowers, plowed fields and a feeling of renewal! 

Your AOHP Board has been busy developing new incentives and programs to assist you.

Some of you may remember the ROC campaign that offered incentives to those who “recruited our colleagues.” Peggy Anderson, Region 3 Director, has developed a plan to revitalize this campaign, including some exciting new incentives. Please watch for details of this new ROC campaign. It may be just the incentive you need to work toward attending the AOHP National Conference in Denver this year! 

Our Executive Board also listened to you regarding year-end expenses and how difficult it is to fund dues payments and recertification at the same time. AOHP has shifted its fiscal year for association membership to run from March 1 through the last day of February, which was approved by a vote of the membership in late January. 

By moving AOHP's association membership renewal date to March 1, the Executive Board hopes to ease some inevitable end-of-year stress and financial burden by providing you the first two months of each new year to renew your AOHP membership. 

I am sure that most of you, if not all of you, know of MaryAnn Gruden's decision to retire. MaryAnn has been serving on the AOHP Executive Board as our dedicated Community Liaison since 2007. Please congratulate MaryAnn on her new role as a retired healthcare worker as of March 3, 2017! MaryAnn has agreed to stay on the Executive Board until September to mentor the incoming Community Liaison, Bobbie Jo Hurst. Bobbie Jo has participated on the Executive Board for the past four years, serving as Region 4 Director. 

Have a very happy spring,  

Sincerely yours,
Mary Bliss, RN, COHN
AOHP Executive President


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