Sandra Bobbitt Continuing Education Scholarship

Awarded to members only

Introduction:AOHP recognizes the value and requirements for membership to continually update their knowledge base and skills related to the field of occupational health.  The financial burden that may result in an attempt to support these professional endeavors is also acknowledged by AOHP.  

Purpose:  To provide annual continuing education scholarships to subsidize the educational efforts of members and support member educational endeavors.  AOHP offers limited funds on an annual basis for active members in good standing to attend the AOHP national conference.

The Sandra Bobbitt scholarship approval committee shall be comprised of the executive vice president and two executive board of directors’ members appointed by the executive president annually.


I.    Guidelines

A.   A maximum of five scholarships shall be awarded annually
B.   A complimentary main conference registration and one night’s lodging at the conference hotel shall be awarded for each scholarship.
C.  Monies shall not be awarded in conjunction with other Association scholarships for the same course.
D.  Applications for scholarships must be submitted by June 1st of the year of the conference.

II.   Award Criteria

A.   Applicant must be a current AOHP member. Consideration will be given to the number of years as an AOHP member in good standing.
B.   Award limited to one member per region, per year. 
C.  Applicant eligibility will be based on the merit of information required and provided on the application.
D.  Previous recipients who have been granted this scholarship may apply and will be considered only if there are no new scholarship applicants.
E.  This award is non transferrable.  If a member cannot use scholarship, the recipient must. Immediately notify the executive vice president for consideration of remaining applicants.

III. Application Process

  1. Member submits an application by June 1st.
  2. Applications should be emailed to:  AOHP Headquarters -  Attention: Sandra Bobbitt Continuing Education Scholarship. AOHP Headquarters will forward all applications to the Executive Vice President.     
  3. Applications are reviewed by the Executive Vice President and two board members using the Sandra Bobbitt Continuing Education Scholarship Evaluation Instrument.
  4. The total score of the numerical ratings is used as an indicator in the scholarship selection.
  5. The Executive Vice President shall notify the applicant in writing of the committee’s final decision with a copy to the Executive Treasurer, if approved.
  6. Applicants for scholarships to the AOHP annual conference will be notified of the disposition of their applications by July 1st.

Download Scholarship Award Application

Sandra Bobbitt Scholarship Recipients

2004 - Lynn Arndt, Lynne Karnitz and Rose Yaptinchay
2005 - Sandra Bobbitt Scholarships for the 2005 conference: Linda Good, Janet Williams, Kerry Owens, Lynn Arndt; Sandra Bobbitt Scholarship for an outside conference: Denise Strode
2006 - Lynn Arndt, Janet Crafts, Denise Knoblauch
2007 - Anna Hook, Kim Twinsdale, Jo Ella Waugh
2008 - Mary Bliss, Rose Yaptinchay for conference; Denise Knoblauch, Delynn Lamott for outside conference
2009 - Linda Good, RN, PhD, COHN-S; Suzy Bramwell, MN, RN, COHN-S; Susan Borrego, MSN, RN, COHN-S/CM; Debra Quirarte, RN, COHN
2010- Julie Davis, MSN, RN, COHN; Cecelia Granahan, RN, BS, ONC, COHN-S; Vicki Howard, RN, CLNC; Dana Jennings Tucker, RN, BSN, CCM; Sarah Parris, RN, MSN and Nancy Pike, RN
2011 - Lisa Dyrdahl, RN, BSN, Tina Harvey, RN, Sharon McLendon, RN, Kerry Owens, RN and Eric Shirey, RN, PHN, OHN, CCHP
2012 - Angela Avvento, RN, MPH, COHN/CM, John Furman, PhD, MSN, COHN-S, Julie Nicholas, BSN, RN, COHN-S and Russell Walker, RN, MSN
2013– Loretta DeLynn Bulloch Arndt, RN, Susan Davis, MSN, ARNP, ANP-BC, Cherie L. Holodnick,  RN, MS, COHN-S, Lisa Kincaid, RN,  Rose Rennell, RN, MS,COHN, Jon Schaffer, RN, BSN, Stacy L. Smirl, RN, BSN, MSM and Janice Van Heest, RN, BSN
2014- Peggy Anderson, RN, COHN/CM, Linda Beasley-Freeman, RN, BSN, Jana Nady, BA, RN, CRRN, CCM, COHN-S and Marti Smith, RN, BSN, CIC
2015 - Susan Flores, RN, COHN-S, Julie Nicholas, RN, BSN, COHN-S, Beverly Nuchols, RN-C, MS, NP, PHD, COHN-S and Rebecca Schirle RN MN MPH COHN-S
2016 - Jane Burnson, RN BS,,Carol Gindt,,Sarah M. Parris, RN, MSN, COHN,,Diane Youngblood, RN, BSN, MBA and Donna Zankowski MPH RN COHN
           UL EHS Sustainability Professional Development Scholarship - Linda Wylie, RN, BSN, COHN-S
2017 - Jane Burnson, RN; Curtis Chow, FNP, PA-C, COHN-S, CEES, COEE, CSPHP; Roxanne Hupp, RN; and Julie Nicholas, RN, BSN, COHN-S
2018 - Pamela Carey-Goo, Corrie Courtney, Eric Shirey, RN, APNS, OHN, CCHP-RN and Liz Tullis, RN, MSN
2019 - Elizabeth Bennett, BSN, RN, COHN-S; Nancy Goodyear, RN, BS,COHN-S; Megan LeClair-Netzel, DNP, RN, AGCNS-BC;  
Christy Koscielski, RN and Jodi Kottwitz, RN 
2020 - Shahnaz Lakhani, MSN, RN, Julie Nicholas, BSN, RN, COHN-S, Rebecca Schirle, MN, MPH, COHN-S and Theresa M Schrantz, LPN, TTS, CIC
2021 - Jennifer Martin, BSN, RN and Julie "Jewels" Galassi
2022 - Karel Curtis, Cindy Gresh, Nicole Hilderman and Julie Nicholas
2023 - Clara Whitney, RN, BSN, CIC, Stacy Stewart, RN, BSN, Sabrina Gregory Hancock, DNP, FNP-BC, RN, CNML, Debra Kiker, RN, MSN, COHN-S and Melissa Longo, BSN, RN