Julie Schmid Research Scholarship

Awarded to non-member and/or member

Julie Schmid was the first vice president of AOHP and later served as president. She was a dynamic individual in the field of employee occupational health.

To encourage, promote and strengthen the knowledge base and expertise of the occupational health professional in healthcare.


The Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare invites proposals for an original research project on current and/or anticipated issues in hospital related occupational health. Proposals from nonmembers are welcomed. 

1.   The Research Scholarship Award is $2,000. Upon acceptance of the proposal $1,000.00 is awarded and the remaining $1,000.00 is awarded upon
      presentation of the project. The proposal is due on or before July 1st. The scholarship recipient shall agree to present the completed project for
      publication in the Journal.
2.   Scholarships shall be awarded based on merit in accordance with the established evaluation tool.
3.   Completed proposals shall be submitted according to the format on the following page. Please include a cover letter with your name and address. 
      Do not include your name or any personal identification data on the proposal itself.
4.   Address completed proposals and correspondence to the AOHP Research Committee Chair and send via email to info@aohp.org
      with JULIE SCHMID SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line.
5.   Headquarters will ensure that all identifiers are removed from the proposal, code the proposal/s and forward the proposal/s to the
      Research Committee Chair for a blinded review.
6.   The Research Committee Chair will distribute the proposal/s to the Research Committee members for review and scoring.  If a member of the
       Research Committee has submitted a proposal, that member will be excluded from the proposal review process.  At least three members of the
       Committee will review the proposal/s. 
7.   Applications must achieve a minimum total score of 76 on the established evaluation tool to be eligible for the award.

Julie Schmid Scholarship Application

Application – Proposal Guidelines
The following outlines the information required in the research scholarship proposal. Please follow the outline exactly. If you have no information to include under any particular heading, please write "not applicable" or "not available." Each submission must be electronically submitted in a double-spaced format and no longer than five (5) pages. Please submit the proposal electronically to AOHP Headquarters info@aohp.org with JULIE SCHMID SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line.

1.   State the formal title of the project.
2.   Select one category from the following list that best describes the area the research project will address:
            Administration                                                   Infectious Diseases
            Employee Assistance                                        Marketing Occupational Health Services
            Employee Examinations                                    Medical Surveillance
            Employee Health Records                                 Workplace Injuries
            Hazardous Substance Exposures                       Other healthcare related topics
3.   Describe the impact/significance of the research project to the occupational health professional in a healthcare setting based on literature review
      and/or experience/s.
4.   State the goals and/or objectives of the research project.
5.   Describe the study design including: 
            • Sample size
            • Measurement tools – e.g., questionnaire
            • Data collection process and analysis
6.  Describe the significance of the intended results and how the data will be shared with other colleagues.

Julie Schmid Scholarship Recipients
2005 - George Byrns & Denise Strode
2008 - Peter Lee, MD, MPH
2009 - Linda Good, RN, PhD, COHN-S
2010 – No award
2011 – No award
2012 - Josh Grambling
2013 - James Ethan Moses and Kevin M. Walters
2014 - No award
2015 - No award
2016 - No award
2017 - Denise Knoblauch, BSN, RN, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN
2018 - Terry Grimmond, FASM, BAgrSc, GDAdEd&Tr
2019 - No Award
2020 - No Award
2021 - No Award
2022 - No Award