Honorary Membership Award

Awarded to non-AOHP members

Introduction:  Honorary membership acknowledges an individual who has made notable contributions to or promoted the interests of occupational health in healthcare.  It is intended to reflect honor on AOHP as well as the individual recipient.

The award aims to recognize a person(s) who is supportive of AOHP and has made a significant contribution to the field of occupational health in healthcare.

Qualification: Members of the Association are not eligible for this award.

1.   The Executive President invites nominations by way of an announcement to Regional Directors and Chapter Presidents and via the AOHP Journal and quarterly newsletter
2.   Chapter Presidents invite nominations from chapter members.
3.   Chapter Presidents and Regional Directors submit nominations with a statement of qualifications and outstanding contributions to the Executive President.
4.   Nominations close on August 15th of each year.
5.   The Executive President submits a qualified list of candidates and accomplishments to the Executive Board of Directors for vote prior to the Executive Board of Directors meeting at the annual conference.
6.   The awardee is announced at the annual membership meeting and is presented with a certificate.
7.   Membership is awarded for one year.
8.   No more than five honorary memberships shall be conferred in any one year.

Download Honorary Membership Award Nomination Form

Honorary Membership Award Recipients
1994 - Wendy Zlotlow (Lifetime Membership)
1994 - Stephen Lyman
1995 - Mary Louise Goff
1996 - No award
1997 - No award
1998 - No award
1999 - No award
2000 - Dr. Arlene Burke
2001 – Rosanne Saunders
2002 - Geoff Kelafant
2003 – No award
2004 - Dr. Steve Bierman
2005 - No award
2006 - No award
2007 - No award
2008 - Laura Canton, MD
2009 – No Award
2010 - Devon Kelly, OT
2011 - Ken Scott, MPH and Jennifer White 
2012 – No Award
2013 – Kathy Espinoza, MBA, MS, CPE, CIE
2014 - Debra Novak, PhD, RN
2015 -  Michael Baiardo
2016 - No Award
2017 - No Award
2018 - No Award
2019 - No Award
2020 - No Award
2021 - No Award
2022 - No Award
2023 - No Award