Executive Vice President

Position: Executive Vice President
Responsible To: Executive President

The Executive Vice President will provide support to the Executive President, represent the Executive President when called upon, and coordinate the national recruitment effort and Government Affairs Committee activities. 

An active member of AOHP for at least four years, unless waived by the Executive President; actively employed in the specialty of occupational health in healthcare; articulate, knowledgeable and professional in representing the association to the general public and other professional associations; and an employee health role model for the organization. 

Term of Office
The Executive Vice President will be elected by a vote of the membership at large to serve a term of two years and is eligible to serve a maximum of two consecutive full terms upon successful re-election by the membership at the conclusion of the first term of office. 

Duties and Responsibilities
1.     Fills a vacancy in the office of Executive President.
2.     Chairs the Executive Board of Directors meetings and association meetings in the absence of the Executive President.
3.   Supports the Executive President in all of his/her duties and responsibilities.
4.   Provides the third signature for association finances if needed.
5.   Serves as consultant liaison for forming chapters in collaboration with Regional Directors.
6.   Provides oversight of the Government Affairs Committee, which is led by the Government Affairs Chair, and ensures legislative counsel as appropriate.
7.   Serves in place of any Board member who is unable to fulfill a position until the next election or until the position can be filled by an appointment of the Executive President.
8.   Chairs the Strategic Initiative Committee.
9.   Chairs and coordinates the Sandra Bobbitt Continuing Education Scholarship Fund selection process and provides one of the two Executive Board of Directors votes required in this selection process.
10. Coordinates the selection of the Ann Stinson President's Award for Association Excellence.
11. Chairs the Congress of Presidents meeting, and serves as a resource to members of this group.
12.  Orients and acts as a mentor to the incoming Executive Vice President.
·       Reviews the current job description with the incoming Vice President.
·       Discusses each of the job duties with the incoming Vice President, and assures that any questions or concerns are answered.
·       Provides sample documents for specific job duties as requested by the incoming Vice President.
13.  If at any time during the term of office, the Executive Vice President does not feel that he/she can perform certain job duties, he/she should notify the Executive President in writing the specifics of any concerns. The Executive President or other appointed Board member will work with the Executive Vice President on a potential resolution.
14.  The Executive Vice President, and any other Board members, are not permitted to miss more than two meetings per year, barring any emergencies. For any member to be excused from a specified Board meeting, she/he must notify the Board and arrange for a proxy. The absent Board member will specifically name a non-voting member to whom the proxy is assigned. A no-show without prior notification is defined as an unexcused absence. Officers are responsible for all duties noted in respective job descriptions.