Executive President

Position: Executive President
Responsible to: Executive Board of Directors

The Executive President will provide leadership to the Executive Board of Directors and the general membership at large by collaborative development, promotion, coordination, planning and evaluation of the association's philosophy, bylaws and strategic plans. 

An active AOHP member for at least five years, unless waived by the current Executive President and/or the Executive Board of Directors; actively employed in the specialty of occupational health in healthcare; an articulate, knowledgeable and professional representative of the association to the general public and to other associations; and an employee health role model for the association who can offer innovative ideas and provide guidance and direction to others. Should have a working knowledge of AOHP Board business; demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as critical thinking skills; and must work within established timelines. 

Term of Office         
The Executive President will be elected by a vote of the membership at large to serve a term of two years and is eligible to serve a maximum of two consecutive full terms upon successful re-election by the membership at the conclusion of the first term of office. 

Duties and Responsibilities
1.   Chairs the Executive Board of Directors meetings, and prepares the agenda and provides secondary minute review.
2.   Functions as the line administrator for the Executive Vice President, Executive Secretary, Executive Treasurer, Regional Directors, Journal Editor, Executive Director, Association Community Liaison, Continuing Education Chair and National Conference Chair.
3.   Works closely with the Executive Board of Directors in prioritizing association needs to reflect the mission, goals, objectives and capabilities of AOHP.
4.   Collaborates with the Executive Board of Directors to continually develop and maintain realistic, high quality organizational standards.
5.   Addresses the membership at large to define goals and measurable objectives, and advocates actions necessary to achieve these goals and objectives at least annually by speaking at the business meeting at the Annual National Conference.  
6.   Promotes the association nationally through public speaking, consultation and networking with appropriate organizations.
7.   Plans for association growth relative to strategic planning, and develops initiatives based on same.
8.   Works closely with the Executive Treasurer and Executive Director to ensure the safety of the association's financial resources.
9.   Evaluates and strives to improve association benefits for the membership.
10. Promotes and facilitates individual member leadership capabilities.
11. Communicates closely with the Executive Board of Directors and key AOHP leaders.
12. Assures adherence to association bylaws.
13. Communicates to the membership periodically utilizing all the media options available, including the e-newsletter and the Journal.
14. Reports activities of the Executive Board of Directors at the general membership meeting held during the Annual National Conference.
15. Coordinates selection of nominees for the Joyce Safian, Extraordinary Member and Honorary Member awards.
16. Coordinates the biennial review of the Executive Board Manual (odd-numbered years).
17. Serves as one of the co-signatories for association funds.
18. Chairs and coordinates the selection of AOHP Business Award nominees.
19. Serves as a member of the Julie Schmid Research Scholarship Evaluation Committee as needed.
20. Provides guidance to the Journal Editor as needed.
21.  Reviews on a biennial (even years) basis the Executive Director contract and makes recommendations regarding renewal to the Executive Board of Directors.
22.  Ensures that events are reviewed annually, and provides recommendations for AOHP representatives to attend as appropriate.
23.  Promotes marketing and public relations activities for the association.
24.  Orients and acts as a mentor to the incoming Executive President.
·       Reviews the current job description with the incoming President.
·       Discusses each of the job duties with the incoming President, and assures that any questions or concerns are answered.
·       Provides sample documents for specific job duties as requested by the incoming President.
25.  If at any time during the term of office, the Executive President does not feel that he/she can perform certain job duties, he/she should notify the Executive Vice President in writing the specifics of any concerns. The Executive Vice President and the Board will work with the Executive President on a potential resolution.
26.  The Executive President, and any other Board members, are not permitted to miss more than two meetings per year, barring any emergencies. For any member to be excused from a specified Board meeting, she/he must notify the Board and arrange for a proxy. The absent Board member will specifically name a non-voting member to whom the proxy is assigned. A no-show without prior notification is defined as an unexcused absence. Officers are responsible for all duties noted in respective job descriptions.